Tuscan Cast Stone brings a lot of new possibilities to architectural cast stone. We use the finest-quality limestone—rather than gravel—to create a more natural look with richer, more accurate colors. Strength is not an issue with this product. It can withstand over 6000 compressive pounds of force, as well as 1500psi flexural. This strength allows our product to be cast a 1/2″ thick over a foam core; resulting in less material, lighter weight, and easier installation. A strict quality-control program ensures our products are consistent in color, weight, and material.

Some of the many different uses of Tuscan Cast Stone:

  • Columns
  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Molding & Trim
  • Wall Caps
  • Custom Profiles to fit your needs.


Tuscan Indoor Fireplace

Tuscan Molding

Tuscan Oven Range