Valley Precast – Las Vegas, Nevada

Need any architectural precast products? Valley Precast has quality products to help you finish your project. We take great care in our process to make sure the final product is beautiful and structurally sound. We use the highest quality of materials in our products.

Our precast products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Precast concrete can withstand Las Vegas’ harsh weather conditions, helping your project to look good for decades to come.

Our facility provides a controlled environment for our production. By making our architectural products indoors, we prepare them better for the outdoors. Our products are made with a mix of crushed rock, sand, water, and concrete. Through our process we make sure that our products are air bubble free, thus making a product that is strong and beautiful.

Quality Products

Las Vegas’ landscape is covered with rock and sand. Our products are made with these same ingredients. Restructuring these materials allows us to make beautiful products that add to the local landscape without being damaging to the environment. Our products continue to look better over the years and hold true against the Las Vegas weather.

Our Mix

Valley Precast uses the best materials for its products. Without cutting corners for cost, we strive to make the highest quality precast concrete materials that will last. Using a mixture of rock, sand, concrete, and binders, Valley Precast creates products that are beautiful and strong.

Valley Precast Facility

Our precast plant is located at 2860 North Commerce, North Las Vegas, 89030. We offer the highest quality of precast wall caps, pavers, etc.

Through production we are able to control the environment the precast concrete is made. This allows us to offer the best product in the Las Vegas valley. We strive to help those who hire us through providing quality concrete precast wall caps and pavers.